Pro Elkan 
Terms & Conditions

By purchasing any form of subscription in Pro Elkan, the subscriber agrees to all the terms and conditions mentioned below


Pro Elkan is a DIY (Do it yourself) system with all the tutorials needed, support from the Official FB group and Pro Elkan Admins and Staff.

Pro Elkan does not make any form of formal or official learning obsolete. Pro Elkan is only a source of supplementary general knowledge. Pro Elkan does not provide a or a relevant bachelor's degree from a state university or college, or other educational institution duly recognized by the CHED for the purpose of qualifying to any exam or any qualifications required by the law to become a "Real Estate Practitioner" . A subscriber/student/mentee under Pro Elkan Academy should comply to all local laws of the country or local government. All learnings from Pro Elkan are only supplementary to formal education that the law requires in order for a person to be able to practice or execute business in their respective industries. Example: A subscriber/student/mentee of Pro Elkan should be a lawful  "Real Estate Practitioner" under RA 9646 in order to practice/provide Real Estate Services.  Pro Elkan is not accountable or liable for any form of misuse by any subscriber/student/mentee that is not in Adherence to the Laws of the Country or Local Government where the user is located or active.

Pro Elkan is a DIY (Do it yourself) system that has multiple features that users can use up to its maximum allowed capacity. Users/Subscribers may use the system to how they see it fit but in the bounds of the System's Capacity and Existing Features.

As Pro Elkan is an In-The-Cloud System (Internet App) that is continuously being improved, there are necessary downtimes that may occur in order to correct any bugs or issues, and to implement new useful features.


Pro Elkan Support will reply to a user's inquiry within 48 hours. Since Pro Elkan is a DIY system, If a user experiences any technical difficulty the user needs to take the first step of going to our Knowledge Base Page ( where all the information they need and step-by-step configuration guides are there. If the Knowledge Base did not provide a solution, the user can then contact Pro Elkan Support or Post in the Official FB Page.


Learner account is strictly for Non-business use. Pro Elkan Admins have administrative checker access to all Pro Elkan accounts to check if any Learner Account is violating this policy. Grounds for violation are as follows:

- Accepting paying clients using any feature in Pro Elkan.

- Running Ads and accepting paying clients or customers.

- Using Learner account for business/es that is not owned by the Account User.

For Business Accounts and Agency Accounts, a user can maximize the disclosed features as indicated in Pro


1-on-1 Strategy Calls are meant to be used for coming up with strategies for the user's business/es using Pro Elkan Features. 1 on 1 Strategy Calls is only applicable if the Pro Elkan User has consumed more than or equal to 80% of the entire Pro Elkan video Tutorials via the Academy AND the Knowledge Base. Strategy calls will not include a reiteration of what is already provided in the Academy and Knowledge Base.

A Pro Elkan user can request for a One-on-One Strategy call via a chat to our FB Page or Email.

Once a request is made, Pro Elkan Admins will check if the user has accomplished what's mentioned above and will quiz the user if the user truly understood what was taught. Users agree that Pro Elkan has the authority to reject a request for a 1-on-1 Strategy Call if deemed to have lack of understanding of what's already indicated in the knowledge base and video tutorials.

Once an application is accepted, the call will be booked to a specified period under Pro Elkan's prerogative. Pro Elkan has the absolute right to cancel or rebook calls for any rea

Guarantee Policy

Pro Elkan does not guarantee that anyone will make any money from the use or promotion of our business system, platform trainings and services. Success in any business requires leadership, skills, commitment, consistency and dedication which will be 100% dependent to the subscribers effort.

Pro Elkan Users are fully accountable for their usage of the Pro Elkan System.

Pro Elkan is not liable for any user misuse, misconduct or any form of actions that will inflict negative consequences to its user, the user's target audience, clients or anybody that interacts with user's account.

Billing Policy

Pro Elkan uses a simplified Billing System where

you will be billed for your subscription either on the 15th or 30th of the month. This mean that you get free usage if you subscribed before the said billing dates.

Example: If you subscribed on June 3, you have additional 12 days of Free usage with your first billing date set to July 15. Likewise if you registered between the 16th and 30th of the month.

Failure to settle the subscription fee will result to the disconnection and deletion of all the subscriber's access to Pro Elkan, Pro Elkan Academy, Pro Elkan Group, Training Inclusions and other Pro Elkan related resources granted to a subscriber. Pro Elkan is not accountable for any loss of all or any user claimed resources.

Disconnection and Deletion will be done immediately 3 days after failure to settle subscription fee.

New and existing subscribers can settle the subscription Fee via our website checkout page that will be emailed to the subscriber on or a day before the said billing dates.

Subscribers should also allow Pro Elkan to send Billing updates to subscribers when Pro Elkan deems to do so.

Why SVG is better than JPG and PNG

By subscribing to any Pro Elkan Plans, the subscriber allows Pro Elkan to make use of any interaction, posts, comments, testimonials, reviews or any form of  interaction by the subscriber on any or all Pro Elkan related resources and social media platforms for Pro Elkan's future content, advertisements and social proof. 

Pro Elkan can continually use the said interactions in the future even if the subscriber discontinued his/her subscription.